A Comprehensive Guide On Shoelace Aglets

The majority of people do not even know what a¬†shoelace aglet¬†is. The plastic covering at the shoelace’s end are called a shoelace aglets. It is considered almost a non-existent object but these metallic rings serve a purpose.

This article will provide insight into the purpose of this majorly unnoticed object.

Without the presence of aglets, there is no way you could insert the shoelace through the eyelets of the shoe to tie and set your foot in. The presence of aglets at the end of the lace is a must to make the insertion easy rather than possible. Moreover, it prevents the fibres of the shoelace from bunching up on top and getting jammed at the opening of shoe holes.

Easy To Change:

Shoelace aglets are easy to change as they are made of flexible metal. Even if they are just plastic tubes, one can replace them effortlessly. Likewise, It saves you from purchasing new shoelaces each time the tips, i.e. the aglets, are worn out. Additionally, replacing shoelaces involves threading them through each eyelet in a crisscross pattern, which is a tedious task in and of itself.

Styling With Shoelace Aglets:

They are available in many colours and material options. You can get them in plastic and metallic material both. Though it is a tiny part of your shoe, styling with various trendy options can give a fashion statement. The presence of aglets that have not been worn off provides the shoe with a generally tidy appearance.

Ways To Restore Your Aglets:

There are more ways of restoring the aglets than one could expect. If you want your shoes to look nice, changing them often is one of the easiest ways. Interestingly, there are additional options for modifying the aglets. A straightforward method to keep your shoes looking presentable is to change them frequently. Some of the ways involving simple items present at home are; making a stopper out of glue gun or candle wax, wrapping some plastic or paper tape or twisting the lace, and heating it very lightly with a flame.

Things To Keep In Mind:

These tips can be helpful while either repairing or replacing shoelace aglets at home.


When you singe the end of a shoelace, be extremely careful handling the material since it can burn quickly, squandering your lace and posing a fire risk. It is advised to use a longer-range lighter rather than a regular one and keep some water nearby for safety.


Measuring the thickness of your lace will be helpful as they come in different sizes and certain aglets fix specific widths. This way, you can ensure you bought the correct size of aglet for your lace.

Using Shoelace Aglets For DIY Projects:

If you are crafty and like to make DIY jewellery, then take your creativity out of the box and design beautiful and funky friendship bracelets and necklaces. You can give some final touches by adding coloured, textured, and alphabet beads making it look cute.

Final Word:

Shoelace aglets are necessary for the functionality of your shoes. They need to be appropriately fixed, as tying and untying shoe laces can occur several times a day.



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